Friday, 24 February 2017

Why API is useful to your Business?

We are sure that quite frequently you come across the acronym of "API" on the internet. Are you aware about what it is? Are you aware how it can benefit your business? If not we will try to make you aware in this blog about what it is and how it can benefit your business. Being in the business of providing API Solutions we at HTSM Technologies Pvt Ltd, thought it would be appropriate to inform you about the same. So let us first understand what the API is.

What is API? 

APIs are known as Application Programming Interfaces.   To tell you in brief, an API is a way for an application to talk to or share information with another application. It is beyond doubt that being able to share information among st people or between applications or programs is quite a complex task. Computers can communicate with each other, very easily when they can interpret what is said.  

It is much like dealing with a very literal person.  A computer will only share exactly what is asked of it and only in the format that is requested.
The API uses a small subset of code from the program’s overall code. This keeps the primary program's database fully safe and secure while still allowing for full access to the data that is being accessed.  This not only keeps the intellectual property separate but also creates an extremely efficient method of sharing data.

Examples of use of API and how they benefit businesses 

We all use applications that make use of APIs quite frequently For example .  Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp and others all use APIs to integrate some functionality that they want. Yelp uses a Google Maps API to show a map of the location of the business.

  The benefit to Yelp is that by leveraging Google Maps, it does not have to stay up-to-date on all the map changes. On the other hand for Google Maps by connecting with Yelp , it   gains additional brand exposure by having its name on every map that is shown.

How API can benefit your business?

APIs are most often well-documented for a given application.  This need arises because developers who create new apps and new programs have to interface them with other applications and programs.

APIs are invisible to most people.  These are generally only of interest to developers. These APIs could be used to pull information from one application. They can be also be used to synchronize data. This is what makes it very powerful.
API may also benefited for a recharge business for recharge solution, Online money transfer tickets booking, Insurance and many more,  .  

If you have two applications running that service two different parts of your organization, there may be a need to ensure that key data gets shared across each application. For example in case of your business you may be having data which is to be used by two departments like the Finance and sales department. With API the data can be synchronized by both the departments. The data needs to be updated only once to be effectively used by both the departments. If these two systems are exchanging information on a regular basis then the efficiency increase and can give your business an extra edge. This way, it also helps to save time and cost. 

To conclude we can say that the API solutions are indeed great for any business. In case you require any type of API solution for your business please visit -

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