Monday, 6 March 2017

Demand of Web development and design in 20 century

One of the greatest advancements made in the field of technology in the current century is the development of the internet. It has totally revolutionized the way we live today. Be it working, banking, shopping, entertainment or socializing with the World Wide Web everything has gone through a dramatic change in ways we could hardly imagine even about 2 decades back. Today anything you want is just a click away. 

As a result most businesses want to get on the internet.  The booming growth of the internet has also led to cut throat competition. A website is your businesses identity on the internet.

The importance of Website designing and development in current scenario

The quality of high quality website to survive the cut throat competition is of prime importance. The increased competition on the internet has meant that the expectation levels in terms of graphics and user friendliness had grown with and thus the demand for the professional web designing and web development has grown by many times in the recent future.

The most important elements in web designing and web development you need to consider

A recent study shows that the appearance of the website determines about 60% of its overall success. Thus in terms of website design proper colour schemes are very important for right web designing. Apart from this the right fonts, titles are all important for your website design. The proper spacing too is important as it ensures that the web pages do not appear too cluttered. Besides relevant content in terms of texts, graphics and videos need to be relevant. The USPs of your business or services you offer need to be highlighted as well.
But a professional website is not about how good your website looks. 

There are many other factors as well. The user friendliness is very important. Easy  navigability needs to be ensured for user-friendliness. The user must be able to access the information he or she is looking to access easily. Besides the Search engine friendliness is another key element of any website. In order to ensure higher internet traffic into your website, your website must rank high on the Search Engine Result pages (SERP). Each web page must also have the "Call To Action", for having sufficient amounts of conversions against the traffic coming into your website.

The landing page too must be sufficiently optimized and pass the "3 minute litmus test". this is that it should be able to convey  1. Who you are? 2. What you do? 3. What Benefit the visitor can get? 
Your website also be mobile responsive. As more and more people access the internet over mobile devices your website must be mobile responsive. 
To conclude we can say that the demand for the professional web designing and web development is likely to grow steadily in the future. 

The reason is that internet is the future of business. Not only must your website be professionally designed and developed but it must be ready for the future too. In terms of technology Artificial intelligence and Virtual reality are the technology of the future. So you must be ready on all fronts. 
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